When Good Guilds Go Bad

Guild drama has been a consistent guilty pleasure of mine ever since I started playing MMO’s. Guilds are after all small communities of people that take on certain political and ethical stances, wether it is how the leadership of the guild is structured, how loot is distributed, to how they interact with other guilds. On all and many more of these issues, individuals within the guild can disagree, with typically spectacular results. The playground bickering that somehow takes on whole new levels of importance just can’t be beaten. Recently over on The Daily Grind, Massively’s daily thought provoking blog, the question was asked: What was the worst guild meltdown you’ve ever seen?

“Guilds break up. Just like bands, it’s a sad reality. Sometimes they just slowly drift apart because some people are leaving The Secret World and other members are developing differing interests, so the guild shuts down with no animosity. Other times the shutdown is accompanied by an explosion of drama so profound that you’d swear you were undergoing multiple simultaneous divorces instead of just dissolving a gathering of EverQuest II players. There is GM intervention, there are angry phone calls, in extreme cases there may even be bricks thrown through windows.

At the time, they’re not fun to watch. But those horrible drama-filled guild demolitions do at least make for entertaining stories after the fact. So today we ask you: What was the worst guild meltdown you’ve ever seen? Were you involved in it or were you just an observer? In retrospect, was everyone blowing things out of proportion or blowing things far out of proportion?”

The server that has been my home in World of Warcraft over the years has had some memorable guild meltdowns, fuelled by a fairly small but engaging server community, complete with its own forum with a ‘battlefloor’ section that was always rife with drama. I was therefore only slightly surprised (but still in hysterics) to find a post in the comments about a guild I was briefly in. Small (virtual) world.

The comments section provides some excellent anecdotes and is well worth a quick read. I’ll leave with a video of my personal favourite guild meltdown, which should serve as a warning to any two guilds thinking about merging.

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