Scumbag Steve gets a new hat – Updated

Apparently that brown checkered thing he usually sports has gone out of fashion or just become too mainstream or something, because Steve has decided to change into this new green item:


Ok so this isn’t Steve, but rather Scumbag Zilian (real name, ironically, Angel Hamilton), a WoW streamer who performed a miracle live on cam by getting up out of his wheelchair and casually walking off for a sandwich, one presumes. So apparently Zilian has been an active streamer for some time, at least as far back as D3, and has been parading around in a wheelchair claiming he can’t walk, and merrily earning stream revenue and accepting donations for a “new wheelchair”. “Over the months as he was streaming on Angel  was able to solicit over $20,000 in donations and stream earnings. These donations were used to purchase many items seen on his stream including electronics, a $2,000+ wheelchair and $5,000 to move across to country and live near his girlfriend (Panthoria).” Diablowned

Here’s the video; Stretching your legs during a long gaming session is clearly not always good advice.

The best (or worst) thing about this is the reaction afterwards. Firstly from his girlfriend (the female voice in the video) who, quite obviously in on the scam, gasps “oh my god!” as he casually stand up, but then quickly tries to divert attention by launching into a story about their dog. Nice try. But the icing on the cake is Zilian’s own reaction, who claims he fell! Not only that, but his girlfriend attempts to add weight to the story. Here’s a chat log, his replies in red and his girlfriends in blue:

<samsneakymode> wtf did zil just stand lol
<zilianop> -NO i fell
<panthoria> Roflmao
<zilianop> I pushed off my chair and ate it
<samsneakymode> da fuq u oright man
<zilianop> Fucking dog
<baileyhelix12> omg zil
<panthoria> Yeah I was going to say that I figured you were holding yourself up with your arms
<samsneakymode> ;o
<baileyhelix12> im going to say it did look look like to stood up
<baileyhelix12> you*
<samsneakymode> is he oright..? lol
<samsneakymode> ^
<zilianop> He was dumping water onmy wires
<baileyhelix12> he got back to the keepboard he is okay
<zilianop> Im pissed and in pain
<panthoria> Angel threw himself out of his chair to grab the water
<samsneakymode> -.o
<baileyhelix12> man your dog is a pain in the ass 😛
<hihihiok155> wait so streams over?
<baileyhelix12> no dog is being annoying
<zilianop> I need to fix myself
<baileyhelix12> and messing with wires
<panthoria> Poor Angel
<zilianop> And my dog dumped water on everything
<zilianop> I will try and be back
<zilianop> It hurts to breathe, i hit my side on the corner of the desk
<holycheeks> Ow
<hihihiok155> o.o
<holycheeks> Poor zil
<drediex> u need a medic?
<holycheeks> All this cause of a dog
<zilianop> Im going to go die for a few
<zilianop> I will try to be back soon
<holycheeks> He needs help
<holycheeks> GO GO GO
<hihihiok155> CALL 911 NAO
<baileyhelix12> bre should go over there and check on him
<drediex> yea bre run over thier i am dead serius
<panthoria> He’s going to go lay down
<panthoria> If he is still hurt in the next half hour I’ll go over and check on him
<holycheeks> He might nned you
<holycheeks> For
<drediex> yea he night needs u bre
<drediex> might^
<holycheeks> Need*
<panthoria> Well lets just hope for the best 🙂
<cassettex> is he walking ?
<indierokkr> Yeah he stood up and walked, then the camera went off.

Unfortunately for Zilian, the story, shockingly, doesn’t quite add up, as you could see him walking around on his stream via his reflection on the fish tank (the youtube quality isn’t quite high enough to make it out). Amazing.

Streaming is a relatively new outlet for gamers, the concept still baffles ordinary people with little or no interesting in games. The content of one’s stream, how they should present themselves and what responsibilities they have to their viewers are interesting questions. Are they the same as youtuber’s maintaining a channel, or does the live element throw in additional concerns? Some questions for the future. One thing that is obviously clear though is that streaming is not an outlet for creative (or uncreative) fraud. What a scumbag.

Here’s the thread on reddit where the story broke and another on MMO-Champ. I leave you with footage of Zilian getting into bed after are hard days work.

Update: Diablowned have compiled some further chat logs, as well as commenting and providing evidence of Zilian’s time as a D3 streamer. It seems he has a track record for forgetting what’s on his live stream, as he quite clearly botted on D3 while on cam, for which his Diablo account was subsequently banned. Not only that, he of course lied about the whole thing to try and cover it up. Check out their site for the D3 stuff, here’s the chat log’s relevant to the WoW stream, which are conversations with his girlfriend ‘Panthoria’/’Purple Gurple’:

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